Project 73

Jun 01.06.2017


The new Project 73 (edition 4) begins on the 17th July 2017, but you can jump in at anytime. Download the app today or in pdf format, using the links below.

Life moves pretty fast and we can find ourselves sacrificing the important on the altar of the urgent. The constant sensory input from all sides is increasingly addictive - we become used to being entertained and diverted, and it is difficult to carve out the space and silence necessary for serious and thoughtful reading of Scripture, (Proverbs 7:3). The regular input of scripture has always been a somewhat challenging enterprise for those who are followers of Jesus.

Project 73 has two parts. The first is a chronological journey through the entirety of the bible that you can use for your personal devotion time. The second is a highlights of the bible reading guide that you can use with your family and children. You can choose to do both or just one, its up to you. Any project worth doing takes time, many weeks in fact, seventy three of them. In committing to Project 73 always keep in mind though that the end is not to just read Gods word, but to personally know the God of the word through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Red Door Community Church now has an app for both iPhone and android. In this new app you will find the chronological journey of Project 73, easy access to our weekly podcasts, media, calendar of events and easy tools to journey towards greater levels of connection to The Red Door Family.

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