Feb 01.02.2018

While a move to Realm is a transition, it’s not a full re-launch because your data will already be there. You will need to enter a new password (and download a different app if you use the mobile app), but your groups, personal information, family information and even your barcodes for RedKids check-in will already be on Realm.

Please log into Realm by putting your old City login info in. If it does not work, select ‘forgot password’ and create a new password.

For more information on the new Realm app for your phone, click HERE or search your app store for 'Realm Connect'.

For the last five years we have used ‘The City’ as our secure online communication tool for The Red Door Family. Using technology to enhance real world community is what The City was all about.

In 2018 we are moving to an enhanced platform called Realm. Realm will serve us in much the same way The City’ did, but it is easier to use and navigate than The City, with fresh apps and a cleaner user experience.

On the technical side Realm is a more robust product than The City because it has been designed from the beginning to be both a database and engagement tool. While The City does a great job helping people connect with each other, it didn’t always do a great job giving you the data underneath that engagement. Realm meets both needs.

Realm encourages the church body to connect and share experiences together, and it coordinates information, communication, resources, and administration. All of our data is securely stored and backed up in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Realm is already in use by more than 4000 churches, even while it continues to advance and grow in functionality.